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Remanufacturing service

We remanufacture all turbos, all brands, all models.

On demand, we can perform a host of modifications / upgrades to improve spool, power, reliability, etc...

For most turbos, the turnaround time is 2 business days

For up front rebuild and upgrade quotes, call customer service (514) 913-2146


    • Disassembly and inspection
    • Customer contact and confirmation
    • Components remanufacturing (degrease, sandblast, polish, resurface flanges)
    • Components Balancing
    • Balancing of the rotating assembly
    • Cartridge reassembly with all new internals
    • VSR testing / balancing of the cartridge w/ printed certificate
    • Turbo reassembly at original clocking angles
    • Packaging, invoicing, shipping back by UPS (or else as agreed)


    Turbo holding fixtureLow speed component balancer

    Instructions for remanufacturing service:

    • Remove all fittings, brackets, hoses, gaskets from your turbo (actuators/diverter valves can be left ON)
    • Put turbo in a plastic bag
    • Box the turbo with padding to insure it's tight in the box
    • include a contact sheet with your name, address, email, paypal, phone
    • Use any shipping company to ship your turbo to:
    Blaastperformance Turbo Rebuild Center
    73 croissant Agathe
    St. Joseph-du-Lac, QC
    Canada  J0N1M0
    • customers outside Canada: Declare it as a "damaged turbo core" with 14,00$ USD value.
    • Upon receipt and inspection, we will contact you with an assessment of your turbo's condition and establish your prefered remanufacturing option.