Garrett VNT actuator

Garrett VNT actuator "Hella box" UPGRADE

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since around 2004, various diesel vehicles using GARRETT VNT turbos are using this same type of HELLA vnt actuator box which is a notorious source of problem on all applications.

Both the mechanical part AND the electronic part of this VNT actuator are known to fail resulting in Limp mode, check engine lights, limited power, mushy acceleration, etc...

MERCEDES? JEEP? DODGE? VW? AUDI? FORD? we carry them all.

Attack the root cause of your VNT problem directly with Blaastperformance's BRAND NEW VNT ACTUATOR UPGRADE. No need to ship out your broken actuator, no need to wait for repairs..

Unsure which one you need? Simply find the "G" number printed on the side of your old actuator and contact customer service (514) 913-2146