K03-0288 2.0L ecoboost LANDROVER evoque 11-13

K03-0288 2.0L ecoboost LANDROVER evoque 11-13

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if your EVOQUE suffers from exhaust smells,  smoke, oil leakage, weird nose and vibration from the engine bay and P0299 CEL (low boost) , your OEM sheet metal MANIFIOLD has FAILED. You are not alone. Luckily, at Blaastperformance, we have the solution to fix the problem for the rest of your vehicle's life:

Upgraded borgwarner fomoco OEM turbo # 53039700238 for 2.0L ecoboost. Factory overhauled and upgraded with cast manifold that wont crack!


boost-actuator (not vacuum! Pls check)

Blaast one piece cast iron manifold to replace the flimsy sheet metal oem manifold


Landrover evoque - freelander 2004-11

focus, c30,c70,v50,v60,v70,xc60,s80

Performance upgrades available (scroll-down menu)

K04 stg1 42mm (300hp)

K04 stg2 45mm (360hp)