IS-38 turbo - Audi S3 / VW Golf-R GTI upgrade

IS-38 turbo - Audi S3 / VW Golf-R GTI upgrade

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For Golf R audi S3  P/n 06A145702 /722

replacement turbo for iHi is-38

Your OEM actuator is easily transferred to this new turbo

All known issues with OEM IS-38 turbos are resolved with our updated IS-38, resulting in a much more reliable turbocharger.

One year warranty

Both our stock and HI FLOW versions feature these reliability upgrades:

- Turbine housing w/updated wastegate mechanism (won't seize like OEM turbos do)

- Solid scroll compressor housing  (problematic OEM's internal plastic pad eliminated!)

The HI FLOW version is further modified as follows:

-BILLET COMPRESSOR WHEEL: 50,5 x 68mm   (stock is only 44,9 x 57mm)

-oversized TURBINE IMPERLLER: 49 x 56mm  (stock is only 47 x 54mm)

Setups differ widely but so far we made 390 AWHP and 513 whp