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K04 upgrade turbo MINICOOPER EP6 1.6L jcw

K04 upgrade turbo MINICOOPER EP6 1.6L jcw

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MINICOOPER Turbocharger upgrade.

The EP6 engine is known to have great power potential but the factory turbo being a rather small K03, even a mild boost increase reveals it's limitations in terms of power and reliability. Weak top end, overheating...no fun.

The JCW turbo is a tad larger but only the compressor wheel is a mere 3mm larger, which is unsufficient. How about using much larger K04 turbos, from the same KKK brand, to unleash your EP6 potential?

Our upgraded minicooper 1.6L turbos feature a significantly bored out exhaust housing with the largest possible K04 impeller (44.5x50mm). The tiny OEM Compressor side is completely replaced by a genuine KKK K04 customized compressor housing, with 3 available sizes of compressor wheels.

100% compatible with stock oil and coolant lines, fits stock manifold and downpipe, fits OEM boost pipe. A larger air intake tube and an external diverter valve are necessary.

Choose from these options below:

STAGE 1   41.6x59mm  300HP

STAGE 2   43.4x59mm  360HP

STAGE 3   45.1x59mm  360HP

STAGE 4   46.4x59mm  400HP  (Billet wheel)