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Audi R8 red ignition coilpacks. 4 pack.

Audi R8 red ignition coilpacks. 4 pack.

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Genuine Volkswagen brand coil packs, originating from the audi R8 but above all, a great performance upgrade for ordinary coil packs used on other TFSI (FSI/TSI) engines and even older engines such as 1.8T.

Big turbo setups on various vw/ audi engines are frequently experiencing misfires and even coilpack failures. Expect a significant improvement in performance and reliability with these coil packs. We suggest BKR7EIX spark plugs for best results.

We have TWO models available with different length:

(measure from bottom of connector to extremity of stem)

V1: 150 mm  SET OF 4

V2: 170 mm  SET OF 4

Beware of chinese immitations that are cheaper but give you only the red colour and no spark improvement!