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Blaast K04 STG2 Turbo upgrade1.8T TT A3 S3 Golf Jetta 98-05

Blaast K04 STG2 Turbo upgrade1.8T TT A3 S3 Golf Jetta 98-05

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BLAAST K04 STG2 (360 HP)

Big K04 Turbo upgrade for 1.8T, transversal mount engines, 98-05 Golf, beetle, Jetta, A3, TT fwd  - 
Genuine kkk turbo, modified for power using genuine KKK components and VSR balanced to perfection.

Built with unique specifications for unmatched performance gains thanks to the largest impellers available on the market..

Can be installed on an otherwise stock vehicle at lower boost pressure, but capable of enough power to justify a host of supporting mods and tuning!

  • genuine Hitachi-borgwarner Compressor Wheel (45.1 x 59 mm )
  • K04 Turbine impeller measuring 44.5 x 50 mm. (larger than S3 and RS6)
  • Not just a bored-out K03 compressor housing but a real, larger K04 compressor side customized to fit.
  • Excellent low end respone and spool-up.
  • Capability to boost 25 +psi and produce 340 WHP
  • Excellent torque sustained across the RPM band
  • Lower backpressure and operating heat thanks to much increased exhaust flow
  • VSR balanced to 1gr @ 140 000 RPM & bench tested at full operational speed in real life conditions of oil & air pressure on the most advanced VSR equipment in the industry.

    OEM Boost "muffler" on compressor outlet is available on demand. (no impact on performance)